Koshila Heshani Gordon

I am an enthusiastic individual with a smile on my face at all times. I am a lecturer in Law who is interested in human rights law. My passion however, is to bake. I am an open hearted and compassionate person. 

The CIT programme helped me in different ways, but most importantly it helped me to understand who I am and that I must love myself and show compassionate towards me. The most intriguing part of the course is learning to pause. I was a quick tempered person but I learnt to control my anger.I am still learning, but the CIT programme was my starting point. I learnt that in everything happening around me has so many contributors and that I must be grateful for them. I learnt to look at the bigger picture and I am utterly grateful for every single person and thing around me for the beautiful world that I am living in. I am in general an amicable person, but that doesn't mean I don't have enemies. The CIT programme helped me in showing compassion even towards my enemies. I am now able to have peace of mind as I no longer hold grudges towards anyone.