I lost my job due to Covid19 and I was planning to get married this month. My coaching conversation with Coach Anushly gave me a good direction to where to start, know what I am good at, what change I could do way forward and I got to know about myself on what’s the area that I lack for me to improve. I was frustrated and now I feel hopeful during this pandemic situation. 

Name not mentioned due to confidentiality reason
Sri Lanka

 I had the privilege to experience unforgettable coaching sessions with Coach Anushly. She helped me on gaining clarity about the different perspectives of a specific value and it made a huge difference on my comprehension and acceptance of the subject. It just proves having coaching with other professional coaches is a powerful resource. Thank you Anushly for those amazing moments and insights. I definitely recommend to have coaching with her. 

Ana Conde
Learning & Development Practice Lead - LatM – Life science consultants / Sales Coach (Portugal)

 First of all, I am thankful for taking the sessions with you during this Lock down, and your encouraging and inspiring words have given me the strength to look at my life from a different perspective. During the 4 coaching sessions, with your guidance, I have found out a lot about myself, especially about my strengths and weaknesses. I have an understanding of many things which is helping our day-to-day life. A simple positive word or a note or even a smile can change our day, while we are feeling peace within us. Thank you once again, for helping me out to be able to see or to think differently about my life. 

Dilusha Dharmapala
Tender Submission Assistant / Coordinator Oil & Gas Industry - Abu Dhabi