26 Nov

Our Soul is the most beautiful place to be!

You own it!I

t leads you through your journey!

My soul may meet you or may not in this journey!

But when we meet, I will make sure I will be the reason to Nurture you and not Destroy you!

Because my Soul has a purpose to perform!

A purpose greater than what your intelligence can understand!

A purpose for a Greater Good!

A purpose to serve humanity!

Whether we meet in this journey or not we will meet each other at the end where we all come together to celebrate the fulfillment of our purpose! 

To celebrate the enlightening journey! 

To celebrate that we are ONE SOUL separated in to molecules and travelling back and forth with names, titles, awards & applauds!

My soul is chosen in this journey with the name Anushly which is given for my molecules to serve you to "Find Your Own Power"!

I was made powerless many times in this life journey to know how does it feel to be powerless, to make sure that I what I bring to serve you is not just what I have read from books and learnt from gurus but my journey itself which is very unique to my soul!

This was typed without any second thoughts or corrections but just to express my own reflections with the flow of my thoughts today. If this inspires you to own your power, let's have a conversation.

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