03 Aug

Have you ever wondered how to find the Super Natural Power?

Many times we are being told about what we cant do than what we can do. This has disabled us from identifying our super power. Sometimes its important to keep your ears closed or pretend as you are deaf, because it can be the ONLY way to find your super power. Very often we have been told only SOME people have the SUPER NATURAL Power. The truth is, everybody do have the SUPER NATURAL Power. Very often, it becomes invisible by our own assumptions. Some gurus have worked hard to convey this message to other people. Some individuals who dominate the system or the state have projected themselves as the SUPER POWER people. So the rest of the world is just keep looking at them, praising them and indulging in their success, while forgetting their own SUPER NATURAL POWER.

Every client that I come across, I have told them that they are the most powerful people and I am only helping them to find their own power. It is a process and you just need to believe the process to gain your SUPER NATURAL POWER. We knowingly or unknowingly let go of our POWER. When I was feeling powerless Coaching is what made me feel powerful about my self and my journey. So, I thought why not spread the light across the globe by empowering the hidden SUPER NATURAL POWER.

International Coach Federation (ICF- Coaching Accreditation body) defines Coaching as,

Coaching is one of the skill that helps a person to identify the SUPER NATURAL POWER. A doctor with his team, conducted an experiment years ago, which says all what we need to be, is within us. We just only need to discover & ignite. What is making the process so difficult where people cant identify it on their own. Our inner world is clouded with worldly perceptions and beliefs. So, mostly we are dwelling in the outer world. In the results of the experiment people who discovered their inner world through some mindful activities, have expressed the inner world is multi dimensional and sounds like the REAL world.

What is stopping us from discovering our inner strength and our SUPER NATURAL POWER?

Our chemistry & our vibration are not aligned, for us to perform at our SUPER NATURAL POWER. These coaching conversations becomes a therapy which tunes your energy to be aligned while challenging your own decisions, beliefs, and behaviors. The Coach trainings that prepare the coaches start working with aligning inners self. Only when a coach knows how transformative it would be to function in our own SUPER NATURAL POWER mode, we will understand the impact that we could create to their clients/coachees. 

Reimagine Coaching every time you sit for a coaching conversation.
1) Every conversation is a new conversation.
2) Every insight that you take away from the conversation is a new insight.
3) Every coachee is a unique person
4) Every situation that they bring is unique
5) Every other time you may ask the same question, the answers may not necessarily be the same.

When we approach LIFE & ENERGY with an open heart, every conversations will take you through the process of finding YOUR own SUPER POWER. Sometimes, we become quite judgmental about ourselves which does not open up the possibility to discover your potential. Having a conversation with a person (Coach), will help to see the real self who is covered under many layers which are built by their experiences, memories & the influential society.

What is your REALITY? Do you know your REALITY?

Dr Marshall Goldsmith - World's Number 01 Executive Coach who coaches the Fortune 500 companies do have a coach for himself since he himself does not belief that he could discover his potential on own.

Do you believe its worth it to Hire a Coach? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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