The staff that we assigned to go through Executive coaching (Leadership Coaching) from the senior position was expecting near perfection from all the subordinates and an unpleasant work environment occurred, as a result staff turnover increased. Through her coaching sessions she enabled my staff to manage the unpleasant work environment and as a result the “employee experience improved” and “turnover improved” (reduced). The coach’s commitment, regular coaching interaction with my Senior Manager was useful to retain both my Senior manager and the employees within the company. HR's Employee 360 Opinion survey showed 25% improvement. 

S. Thananchayan
Chief Claims Officer - Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd (Sri Lanka)

 Ms Anushly, introduced to me by a very respectable corporate leader Mr. Anthony Jayaranjan (Board Member in many multi national and local blue chip companies) is an academic reward and a business associate now running over 7 years (since 2013). This introduction lead us to work with her in several projects and Anushly demonstrated well to tie up the lose ends and make most important transformation we offer as project outcome to an organization. Anushly is one consultant with whom participants continue maintaining their relationships, even once the project is over. For McQuire, She lead several projects to name a few, Janashakthi Insurance, Hemas Hospitals, Softlogic Finance. Anushly spent many hours with us brainstorming to plan our annual business strategies. She recently delivered a webinar together with Ms. Archana Law on "New Chapter" for businesses to resume work post Covid19. Anushly is a very reliable associate, an excellent consultant with modern methods, fresh ideas, willing to listen and provide the best solution. I will always wish her well. 

Ajith de Alwis
General Manager - Mc Quire Rens & Jones (Sri Lanka)

 Anushly is innovative and persistent, a visionary, out-of-the-box thinker who is often ahead of the curve. She has clear sight and a strong heart for developing others and will persevere and keep moving forward even when there are numerous obstacles. I know all will be considered, cared for and called-forth when Anushly is on the team. She deeply cares. 

Kerry Woodcock PhD
Leadership & Systems Coach - (Worked together for a Global Coaching NGO)