10 Dec

To have success in your business, you need to start with great predictions. This is what we are broadly hearing from everyone in the current market. Are we taking the right path to make these predictions? 

Are we using those chosen paths for the wellbeing of the human being or distorting the true self of human beings? These are the questions directed me to the exploration of data, algorithm, social platforms, etc. 

Great predictions begin with lot of data. So we are in a market place that exclusively inhuman features. This has made the internet companies trillion dollar worth which has ended up making them as the richest in the history of humanity. 

Everything that we do online is being watched, is being tracked & is being measured. It goes to the extent of how long you look at it and what do you look for. They know when people are lonely, depressed, whose profile are you peeping, basically they know everything that you do, the moment you switch it on. It even helps them to identify your character traits and personalities that you have. So, have you been amused about some character games which resonates almost as the same as your true identity. This is formed based on the monitoring that they have done about your movement in the internet. These data are fed in to the systems which are functioning without human supervision, to predict out actions and not allowing our authenticity to evolve. Have you ever seen recommendations popping up based on your recent interactions in the internet platform? So, that’s a good example for that. 

Lot of technologies have 3 main goals:

1. Engagement Goal to keep you scrolling.
2. Growth goal to keep you coming back & inviting many friends and for them to invite more friends.
3. Advertising goal which tries to make money as much as possible while the other two goals are active.

These all are based on algorithms which shows who you are how you want to see stuff. We have created a world where online world becomes primary. Algorithms are predicting and operating us on how should we act. While we have forgotten to use our own authentic predictions of what we want our next move or thoughts to be. Especially for younger generations. Only through a sneaky 3rd person the interaction between two can be financed by manipulating these two people. 

It was the neurosciences and physiologists who knew how human brains work based on their experiments, just like how a magician understands a part of our mind which we are not aware of. These Internet & soacial media platform developers started to understand what can persuade people and built that in to technology. 

  • How mindful are you in using your devices in this mindless world?
  • Are you operating the device or the device is operating you?
  • How can you use devices, platforms to enhance & elevate your wellbeing rather than eliminate your wellbeing?
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