23 Feb

In my Journey in exploring myself, today I just happen to connect with a client who shared their feedback on how have I contributed to live their legacy and it provoked me to write this blog today as I reflected about my Legacy!

My Journey in searching for my soul has brought me to stillness to appreciate the moment with Gratitude! It keeps evolving everyday endlessly. I am honoring myself and my life for what it is and celebrating everyday with Gratitude!

I haven't in specific thought about my Legacy but in a recent conversation when I was expressing myself, the words that came from my heart for a question that i was asked what's my legacy, 

"My Legacy is Living in the Moment"! 

I never thought through or did any research for me to come up with this answer. It is my authentic voice which spoke at that moment.

After the conversation every time when I recollect the conversation, it is an "Aha" moment for me. Today I lived with myself more than the others and I always enjoy doing it while there is so much noise outside in this man made world! I can proudly say now that I lived my Legacy today. I feel its a cool idea to live your Legacy today rather than leaving back or waiting for it to arrive.

We all want to leave a Legacy and each one of us are striving for it! Every person does wants to live their Legacy but some are spoken out loud with awards and appreciations, while some other are silently lived within themselves.

Today I like you to reflect on,

1) What does Legacy mean to you?

2) Why is it important?

If its important to you, lets connect for a conversation.

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